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how's my mood going?

sometimes it is good to see how the own mood is going further.
we help yu.
send yur mood via telegram and see it here.

how it works

enter bot

go to to enter the bot


write "/inviteme" for getting registered

send mood

when invited send yur mood in the form:

number [text]

yur mood number is your choice. e.g. -5 till +5, 0 till 10, ... but just a number
and OPTIONAL a text (only 15 char will be stored)

8 nice morning

see yur mood graph

mood graph example yu'll get an url where yu can see yur mood graph

otherwise use "/help"


beside yur mood data only yur telegram id and username is stored.

only yu will get the url for yur mood graph. as long as yu do not share the link, no one else should see yur data. but if yu have any concern about yur mood data beeing public, DO NOT use this tool. thanks

and because we respect yur privacy, we do not backup yur data :)
if yu need yur past mood, yu have to download yur graph often.


send email to info(ät)
or use /feedback

enjoy it and have a good mood


mood-graph news

mood-graph live again(13.05.21)

mood-graph can now be used as before. good mood.

mood-graph on fire! (26.03.21)

our mood-graph went on fire (see also on cmdt news)
and as stated in our policy, there is no backup!
yur mood is gone!?

we are in the process of redesigning mood-graph. happy to come back to us later. in the meantime we recommend a "büechli".
yur cmdt


v0.4 21.05.2020

v0.3 16.05.2020